Welcome to our site which is going to be most interesting for those who are thinking about becoming a horse owner. Or, for those who are new to this experience. Much of the information here will also be helpful to the experienced horse owner.

One of the first things to remember is that there are some rules and regulations. These may be put in place by the government of your country. In the UK, for example, horse owners are expected to have a horse passport which must contain the proper information.

Horse Ownership

Owning a horse comes with a lot of responsibility and commitment. To start you on this exciting journey, we have a post here which will encourage you to give some careful thought before getting your horse. Another post will get you thinking about why you really want to do this. Owning a horse has to be for the right reasons.

A New Pet

There are a lot of reasons why people invest in horses. Some will do this for developing a business such as horse racing or breeding. One of the best reasons is to have a horse as a pet. The post here will go into more detail about this wonderful experience.

Horse Travel

Horses cannot be ridden everywhere they need to go. Sometimes they need to be transported. The information here will cover the basics of this, along with a section about horseboxes.

Hopefully, you will find this site to be a great resource as a horse owner.