For most people, the idea of transporting or travelling with a horse sounds tedious and stressful. Nobody should dread the idea of moving a horse even if it is a long distance journey. Some of the precautions to take when transporting horses are as follows.


Check the Condition of the Vehicle

One of the many things that could happen to you while you are travelling with horses is having the vehicle stuck in the middle of nowhere. To avoid such inconveniences, you should check the tyres, engine, truck and other parts of the vehicle before you leave.

Have Your Documentation in Order

All your travel documents must be in order before you start your journey. Health documents, ownership of the horse and proof that it has been vaccinated are sometimes needed at each border point before you are allowed to transport the horse.

Carry Electrolytes

This is especially important for people transporting horses long distance. Electrolytes will keep horses energised and hydrated so that they do not get stressed and sick. You should also be ready to take regular breaks to check for signs of dehydration.

Monitor Traffic

It would be a bad idea to travel on a day where the roads are packed, and traffic is heavy. Use monitoring apps and make inquiries on the best days and time to travel with your horses.

Have Company

If possible, you should bring an extra person to the journey. They always come in handy if you need help feeding the horses or moving them in case of emergency. Not only will they provide company to make the journey less lonely but they will also offer support when you are stranded.

Plan for Overnight Stays and Accomodation

It is not advisable to go a long way without stopping to rest. You should make inquiries about accommodation and hotels that will allow you to stay with the horse.