The task of horsebox hauling begins before even starting out on the journey. Some preparations need to be done which directly affect the safety and the comfort of the drive ahead.


The horsebox should be fully inspected before the loading of the horses. Anything which is not correct should be fixed immediately. The vehicle that is going to be used for towing also needs an inspection.


If you are not experienced at towing a horsebox, then practice makes perfect. It is a totally different driving experience and requires some good driving skills which include hauling live animals such as horses. The practice should begin with an empty trailer. It can begin with practice sessions in open fields. Then, graduating to less busy roads, then finally doing some empty runs in heavier traffic. The same training process should take place with the horses onboard before setting out for a long trip.

When practising, the focus has to be put on starting and stopping, along with making proper turns and backing up. Most who are new to hauling horseboxes find that backing up creates one of the more significant challenges.

Loading the Horses

Proper loading of the horses is usually part of the task which comes with horsebox hauling. Again, if a person is new to this, they need to practice, and also make sure the horse is trained for trailer loading. The same applies to unloading.

On the Road

Once the vehicle has been set in motion, then there are road safety tips which have to be followed, just as there is for normal driving. Good visibility is a must. The horsebox and towing vehicle have to be clearly visible as well. That’s why inspecting the lights is important. Adjust the mirrors whenever necessary. Remember to use the low beams when necessary.

There are a lot of safety factors which must be considered when using a horsebox.