It is possible to travel with a horse even for long distances. You, however, have to plan everything well so that the trip becomes less stressful. The convenient ways of transporting horses are by using gooseneck horse trailer or two horse trailer. If you are going on a long ride, some of the precautions you should take are as follows.

Get the Required Vaccines

You should have the paperwork and vaccines that are needed for your horse. The paperwork should show the health certificate of the horse. Before you leave, you should check out possible diseases that might affect your horse and talk to your veterinarian on what you should do to prevent them. Also, check with the country you are planning to visit to see if they have unique requirements.

Ensure They Are Well Fed

Your horse should be well fed and hydrated so that they do not get tired and exhausted. Every horse you are travelling with should have at least one bag of hay. If you are not sure of where you will buy food when you reach your destination, carry extra kit. Make regular stops where your horse can drink water.

Keep Checking on the Horse

It is essential to make many stops where you can check the animal’s vitals. Some of the things you should be checking for include dehydration, signs of colic, change in temperature and stress. It can sometimes help to let the horse step out so that they can enjoy some fresh air before the journey resumes.

Have a First Aid Kit

Anticipate the possibility of the horse getting sick or injured during the travel. Always have a first aid kit that has basic items such as a pair of scissors, stethoscope, bandages and wound management items. Your kit bag should also have medication such as Benamine.