Owning a horse is a dream come true for most people. Admittedly, not everyone can own a horse. There are many things you should consider before you get a pet, whether as a companion or for commercial purposes. If you want a horse as a pet, these are things you should know.

They Need Grooming

A horse needs to be groomed regularly. Some of the many tasks you will need to do for your horse include combing the mane, brushing off the fur to get rid of dust, and shaping their hooves. They also need to be sprayed, so that they are not bothered by flies. Horses which are not groomed regularly show signs of stress and can be aggressive.

They Need a Variety of Food

To keep horses as a pet, you should have a constant supply of food, as they tend to be heavy feeders. You can put them on a field where grass has been grown, or buy for them hay. You can mix their feed with grain but make sure that they have a balance, and do not end up consuming too much grain. Horses should also drink sufficient water, and their feeding trough must be changed regularly to avoid them getting sick.

Life Expectancy

A healthy horse has a life expectancy of 45 years. You should confirm the age of the horse you are getting so that you can have a rough estimate of how long you will have your pet.


Horses need big spaces to exercise. Their size also makes it convenient to have additional space in your compound, where they can roam freely. Sufficient space also makes it easier to clean after your pet horse. When horses are crammed together with little space, they tend to show signs of stress, while some get agitated and may even run away.